Nick Kroetz
UX Designer

Nick Kroetz

About Me:

I am a User Experience Designer at Prolific Interactive, and practice a user-centric and research-propelled design process for mobile products from concept to launch. I partner with the client and team to serve as the voice of the user, advocate for UX methodologies both internally and externally, and translate user needs into actionable design solutions.

I grew up on a ranch just outside of Austin, Texas, where I was homeschooled and learned how to teach myself. I have a formal academic background in Sociological Research, and Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology from NYU, and a practical background in design and web development.

Here are some of my recent clients.

My Portfolio:

Take a look at my portfolio for the most recent work. It's protected, but you can email me to get the password.

Case Study: Go Baller

Go Baller pulls in trending images, gifs, and articles from facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, and across the web to deliver customizable streams tailored to the users’ interests.

With a team of two other UX designers, I aimed to design a viable product that sports fans wanted to use, while supporting the client’s mission and filling a market void.

Read the case study here.

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